Eco Opera is a multi-dimensional love song to our planet, blending diverse recordings into a resonating stream of environmental music and vision.

Few of us listen attentively to the sounds of nature that endlessly flood our senses. Eco Opera will open your ears, using innovative techniques to amplify normally inaudible noises.

A collaboration between composers, sound artists and filmmakers, Eco Opera sees sonic tubes placed at locations in Australia and the UK to collect and filter sounds from rural environments and botanic gardens. These recordings are synchronised with location video to create evocative sound art in which audio and image coalesce.

Episode 1 of the series was recorded simultaneously at Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia and in the village of Balfron, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Episode 2 was recorded simultaneously in the Royal Botanic Garden Benmore, Scotland and the rural town of Girgarre in northern Victoria, Australia.

The soundtrack of Eco Opera is best experienced through headphones